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Moscot glasses

This brand is stocked in our Tower Bridge and Richmond stores.

  • Moscot Arthur Clip-on glasses
    Arthur Clip-on
  • Moscot Cliptosh glasses
  • Moscot Clipzen glasses
  • Moscot Clipzev glasses
  • Moscot Golda glasses
  • Moscot Jared Clip-on glasses
    Jared Clip-on
  • Moscot Momza glasses
  • Moscot Originals Aidim glasses
    Originals Aidim
  • Moscot Originals Avram glasses
    Originals Avram
  • Moscot Originals Baba glasses
    Originals Baba
  • Moscot Originals Balebus glasses
    Originals Balebus
  • Moscot Originals Benno glasses
    Originals Benno
  • Moscot Originals Billik glasses
    Originals Billik
  • Moscot Originals Boychik glasses
    Originals Boychik
  • Moscot Originals Bren glasses
    Originals Bren
  • Moscot Originals Bummi glasses
    Originals Bummi
  • Moscot Originals Dov glasses
    Originals Dov
  • Moscot Originals Drey Clip-Flip glasses
    Originals Drey Clip-Flip
  • Moscot Originals Emis glasses
    Originals Emis
  • Moscot Originals Ezra glasses
    Originals Ezra
  • Moscot Originals Gelt glasses
    Originals Gelt
  • Moscot Originals Genug glasses
    Originals Genug
  • Moscot Originals Gittel glasses
    Originals Gittel
  • Moscot Originals Glick glasses
    Originals Glick
  • Moscot Originals Grunya glasses
    Originals Grunya
  • Moscot Originals Hyman glasses
    Originals Hyman
  • Moscot Originals Hyman Sun glasses
    Originals Hyman Sun
  • Moscot Originals Jacob glasses
    Originals Jacob
  • Moscot Originals Koopa glasses
    Originals Koopa
  • Moscot Originals Leba glasses
    Originals Leba
  • Moscot Originals Lemtosh glasses
    Originals Lemtosh
  • Moscot Originals Lemtosh Sun glasses
    Originals Lemtosh Sun
  • Moscot Originals Lemtosh Titanium glasses
    Originals Lemtosh Titanium
  • Moscot Originals Lemtosh TT SE glasses
    Originals Lemtosh TT SE
  • Moscot Originals Lemtosh-Mac glasses
    Originals Lemtosh-Mac
  • Moscot Originals Mensch glasses
    Originals Mensch
  • Moscot Originals Miltzen glasses
    Originals Miltzen
  • Moscot Originals Miltzen Sun glasses
    Originals Miltzen Sun
  • Moscot Originals Miltzen TT SE glasses
    Originals Miltzen TT SE
  • Moscot Originals Morris glasses
    Originals Morris
  • Moscot Originals Nebb glasses
    Originals Nebb
  • Moscot Originals Sechel glasses
    Originals Sechel
  • Moscot Originals Shtarker glasses
    Originals Shtarker
  • Moscot Originals Shula glasses
    Originals Shula
  • Moscot Originals Simcha glasses
    Originals Simcha
  • Moscot Originals Tatah glasses
    Originals Tatah
  • Moscot Originals Tuchus glasses
    Originals Tuchus
  • Moscot Originals Tummel glasses
    Originals Tummel
  • Moscot Originals Vantz glasses
    Originals Vantz
  • Moscot Originals Vilda glasses
    Originals Vilda
  • Moscot Originals Yona glasses
    Originals Yona
  • Moscot Originals Yukel glasses
    Originals Yukel
  • Moscot Originals Zelig glasses
    Originals Zelig
  • Moscot Originals Zetz glasses
    Originals Zetz
  • Moscot Originals Zev glasses
    Originals Zev
  • Moscot Originals Zilch glasses
    Originals Zilch
  • Moscot Originals Zis glasses
    Originals Zis
  • Moscot Originals Zolman glasses
    Originals Zolman
  • Moscot Originals Zulu glasses
    Originals Zulu
  • Moscot Originals Zulu T glasses
    Originals Zulu T
  • Moscot Spirit Alex glasses
    Spirit Alex
  • Moscot Spirit Arthur glasses
    Spirit Arthur
  • Moscot Spirit Arthur Sun glasses
    Spirit Arthur Sun
  • Moscot Spirit Bjorn glasses
    Spirit Bjorn
  • Moscot Spirit Brandon glasses
    Spirit Brandon
  • Moscot Spirit Cami glasses
    Spirit Cami
  • Moscot Spirit Courtney glasses
    Spirit Courtney
  • Moscot Spirit Frankie glasses
    Spirit Frankie
  • Moscot Spirit Frankie Clip-on glasses
    Spirit Frankie Clip-on
  • Moscot Spirit Henry glasses
    Spirit Henry
  • Moscot Spirit Jared glasses
    Spirit Jared
  • Moscot Spirit Jasper glasses
    Spirit Jasper
  • Moscot Spirit Jesse glasses
    Spirit Jesse
  • Moscot Spirit Julie glasses
    Spirit Julie
  • Moscot Spirit Kate glasses
    Spirit Kate
  • Moscot Spirit Milko glasses
    Spirit Milko
  • Moscot Spirit Noah glasses
    Spirit Noah
  • Moscot Spirit Pat glasses
    Spirit Pat
  • Moscot Spirit Petie glasses
    Spirit Petie
  • Moscot Spirit Robin glasses
    Spirit Robin
  • Moscot Spirit Tess glasses
    Spirit Tess
  • Moscot Spirit Travis glasses
    Spirit Travis

brand information

One of our directors saw Johnny Depp wearing a pair of spectacles on the Jonathan Ross show and said "must have". So we tracked them down, opened an account, and now we do.

Eyewear fashion, like fashion in general, is largely cyclical; although not every shape and colour will eventually be reproduced, the best frequently are - although often with the occasional tweak here or there. Sometimes the original doesn't need tweaking, as is the case with Moscot Originals glasses, based on styles from the Moscot company archives from 1930-1970.

Iris Optical introduced the Moscot Originals range in March 2010. Early in 2011 we added to this by introducing Moscot's new Spirit range: more contemporary that the Originals range, we're curious to see whether these shapes become as popular.

For customers in the UK, these frames are stocked in our London SE1 (Tower Bridge) and Richmond stores. For customers outside of London England, these glasses can also be ordered by phone, and we can also reglaze your own Moscot frames.