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Oakley Rx glasses

This brand is stocked in our Tower Bridge store only.

brand information

Oakley glasses offer the ultimate in comfort and performance, popular amongst athletes in all sporting arenas and famous for its radical designs and cutting edge technology. The Oakley Ophthalmic range offers a combination of comfort, style and durability, with a focus on technologically advanced materials and robust design.

To quote Oakley's marketing men, "From pure titanium to ballistic Kevlar, the finest materials available are fused and sculpted by custom-built machines that redefine the standards of precision engineering. Detonation containment bunkers vaporize precious metals. Vacuum plasma generators devour kilowatts of electricity. Mass impact accelerators push the boundaries of physics. Only then can an innovation receive the Oakley icon." Brilliant!

Iris Optical has carried Oakley frames since early 2003.

For customers in the UK, these frames are stocked in our London SE1 (Tower Bridge) store. For customers outside of London England, these glasses can also be ordered by phone as well as online, and we can also reglaze or repair your own Oakley Rx frames.