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We now offer eye tests and contact lens fittings & check-ups at our Richmond, Tower Bridge SE1 and City of London E1 stores.

Eye tests are £25.00.

Contact lens appointments are £30.00.

About our optician
Our resident optometrist is Abhay Joshi.
After graduating from City University with an Honours Degree in Optometry in 1989, Abhay went on to work under the tutelage of one of the pioneers of contact lenses at Moorfields Eye Hospital.
He registered with the General Optical Council as a full member in 1990 and opened two successful high street optical practices in London.
Abhay lives in West London with his family and takes an active role in his local Optical Council. He has now joined the team at Iris Optical with the same degree of passion and commitment to providing quality eyecare.

About our eye exam
  1. At the beginning of the examination, your optician will ask about relevant history and symptoms to assess cause and pattern of symptoms and establish any increased risk factors relating to ocular health.
  2. Your vision and visual acuity will be measured; your pupillary responses will be checked, as will how well the ocular muscles are working and are coordinated in different directions and at different distances.
  3. A full refraction will be carried out to assess any spectacle lens corrections required for various visual tasks to ensure maximum comfort and clarity; this includes measurement of the focusing ability of the eye for near and intermediate vision.
  4. The health of both external and internal structures of the eye will be checked including examination of the cornea, conjunctiva and lids, particularly if you are a contact lens wearer. Internally we will assess all structures including the crystalline lens, retina and optic nerve; examination of these areas can detect common conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma as well as indicate underlying systemic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.
  5. Intraocular pressures will be measured and visual fields checked; these can also aid in monitoring and detecting the above conditions.
  6. Once all tests have been completed the results of the eye test will be explained. Your optician will also give you advice on how you can keep your eyes healthy and answer any questions you may have.

Please note: we don't offer free NHS eye tests or accept NHS vouchers, although we do offer free eye tests for those over 60.

We accept Eyecare Vouchers from Edenred.

Please click on a highlighted date to book an eye exam:

Please click on a highlighted date to book an eye exam :

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There are no remaining testing days for May at our Richmond store.

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