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Free prescription lenses? Explain!

There's no catch. Since we cannot discount the prices of current designer frames, providing free prescription lenses and free UK delivery is our way of offering designer spectacles as cost-effectively as possible.

Most spectacle frames on our website and in our stores are available with standard prescription lenses at no charge. A full range of other lens types is also available.

The majority of our lenses are supplied by Essilor and use their Crizal lens coating. For more information on Essilor products please visit their website at www.essilor.co.uk. In some instances, and depending on the customer's prescription and type of lens requested, we source our lenses from one of a number of other manufacturers, most commonly Kodak, Seiko, Rodenstock, Sola, Jai Kudo, Norville, Hoya, Pentax, Nikon or Zeiss.

Please click here for more details on the lens options offered on our website.

Are there any exceptions to the free lenses offer?

Very occasionally, for one of two reasons:

  1. If a prescription is particularly strong and custom-made lenses are required: this is generally for very strong astigmatisms only.
  2. If a prescription is very weak and a semi-rimless or in-line frame (such as most Mykitas) is chosen, in which case a stock lens will be too thin and custom-made lenses will be required to give the necessary lens thickness to prevent the lenses from cracking.

In most cases the surcharge for custom-made lenses is £50.00 per pair and these will take five working days to be manufactured. Please contact us for more information.