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reglaze options

varifocal lenses:

We can supply a full range of varifocal lenses by post as well as in-store - please contact us to place your order if you're unable to visit one of our stores.

single vision lenses:

Lens prices are per pair and include postage. Other lens types are available on request.

    • Coatings: none.
    • These are conventional, uncoated plastic prescription lenses.

    Standard Plastic $95.07

    • Coatings: anti-scratch
    • These lenses are plastic prescription lenses with an added hard-coating for increased durability.
    • Hard-coated lenses are best suited to those who are liable to slightly mistreat their spectacles (including leaving them face-down on tables!) and are also recommended for anyone involved in manual work.

    Hard-Coated $101.86

    • Coatings: anti-reflection & anti-scratch
    • These are plastic prescription lenses with an added coating to prevent reflection as well as a hard-coating to help prevent scratching.
    • Anti-reflection lenses improve both the spectacle wearer's view of the world as well as the world's view of the spectacle wearer (reduced reflection allowing the eyes to be seen more clearly).
    • Anti-reflection lenses are particularly useful for computer users as they reduce VDU glare.
    • Similarly, these lenses reduce headlight glare when driving at night.

    Anti-Reflection $122.24

    • Coatings: anti-reflection & anti-scratch
    • These are plastic prescription lenses tinted brown, green or grey as per sunglasses.
    • Please be advised that these tints are dark; the completed spectacles will only be of use as sunglasses.
    • We can of course fit any frame with non-prescription sunglass lenses.

    Brown $108.66

    Green $108.66

    Grey $108.66

    • Coatings: anti-reflection & anti-scratch
    • Photochromic lenses react to UV light and darken as sunlight intensifies. These plastic lenses are clear indoors, but outside darken rapidly so that on a bright day the spectacles will effectively become sunglasses.
    • Photochromic lenses are perfect for those who'd rather combine their spectacles and sunglasses into one.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Photochromic lenses don't make great driving sunglasses as car windscreens cut out most UV light. Also, photochromic lenses will darken slightly even on cloudy days, as cloud cover does not cut out all UV light.

    Brown $162.98

    Grey $162.98

  • THIN ?
    • Coatings: anti-reflection & anti-scratch
    • These are manufactured from higher density plastic to reduce both thickness and weight.
    • We offer three options via our website: 1.6 index, 1.67 index & 1.74 index - though higher index lenses are available on request. The higher the index, the thinner the lens.
    • High index lenses are recommended once a prescription is greater than 3.00 dioptres. Should we feel that an order merits high (or higher) index lenses, we'll contact you to discuss.
    • All thin lenses have anti-reflection and anti-scratch coatings as standard.

    1.6 index $149.40

    1.67 index $196.94

    1.74 index $292.01