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IC Berlin glasses

This brand is stocked in our Tower Bridge store only.

  • IC Berlin 125 Foxweg glasses
    125 Foxweg
  • IC Berlin Dennis N glasses
    Dennis N
  • IC Berlin Dr. Kauermann glasses
    Dr. Kauermann
  • IC Berlin Hania L glasses
    Hania L
  • IC Berlin Jaun glasses
  • IC Berlin Jurgen H glasses
    Jurgen H
  • IC Berlin Maik S glasses
    Maik S
  • IC Berlin Meta glasses
  • IC Berlin Nufenen glasses
  • IC Berlin Peggy L glasses
    Peggy L
  • IC Berlin Peter C glasses
    Peter C
  • IC Berlin Rast glasses
  • IC Berlin Stefan K glasses
    Stefan K
  • IC Berlin Stuart L glasses
    Stuart L
  • IC Berlin Sven H glasses
    Sven H
  • IC Berlin The Lone Wolf glasses
    The Lone Wolf

brand information

The charismatic entrepreneur Ralph Anderl founded IC Berlin in 1997. Using an innovative screwless-spring-hinge-insert-system and acid-cut from ultra-light, ultra-thin sheet stainless steel, the frames created by his company offer something totally modern and totally different.

A constant stream of new design talent and immense pride in their in-house manufacturing techniques (their frames are made from scratch in Berlin, then hand-finished) has given spectacle wearers something special. To quote from Ralph himself, "IC Berlin is a platform for the realisation of exciting ideas, simplicity, clarity and brilliant ingenuity". Enough said.

Iris Optical began carrying IC Berlin glasses in February 2006.

For customers in the UK, these frames are stocked in our London SE1 (Tower Bridge) store. For customers outside of London England, these glasses can also be ordered by phone as well as online, and we can also reglaze or repair your own IC Berlin frames.