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Prada glasses

This brand is stocked in our Tower Bridge store only.

  • Prada OPR A04 glasses
    OPR A04
  • Prada OPR A05 glasses
    OPR A05
  • Prada OPR A08 glasses
    OPR A08
  • Prada VPR 01V glasses
    VPR 01V
  • Prada VPR 01W glasses
    VPR 01W
  • Prada VPR 02Y glasses
    VPR 02Y
  • Prada VPR 03W glasses
    VPR 03W
  • Prada VPR 05R glasses
    VPR 05R
  • Prada VPR 05S glasses
    VPR 05S
  • Prada VPR 05W glasses
    VPR 05W
  • Prada VPR 05X glasses
    VPR 05X
  • Prada VPR 06U glasses
    VPR 06U
  • Prada VPR 07Z glasses
    VPR 07Z
  • Prada VPR 08V glasses
    VPR 08V
  • Prada VPR 08Z glasses
    VPR 08Z
  • Prada VPR 09X glasses
    VPR 09X
  • Prada VPR 10V glasses
    VPR 10V
  • Prada VPR 10X glasses
    VPR 10X
  • Prada VPR 10Y glasses
    VPR 10Y
  • Prada VPR 10Z glasses
    VPR 10Z
  • Prada VPR 11T glasses
    VPR 11T
  • Prada VPR 11V glasses
    VPR 11V
  • Prada VPR 11Y glasses
    VPR 11Y
  • Prada VPR 13T glasses
    VPR 13T
  • Prada VPR 13U glasses
    VPR 13U
  • Prada VPR 13V glasses
    VPR 13V
  • Prada VPR 13X glasses
    VPR 13X
  • Prada VPR 14W glasses
    VPR 14W
  • Prada VPR 14X glasses
    VPR 14X
  • Prada VPR 15P glasses
    VPR 15P
  • Prada VPR 15V glasses
    VPR 15V
  • Prada VPR 15Y glasses
    VPR 15Y
  • Prada VPR 16M glasses
    VPR 16M
  • Prada VPR 17V glasses
    VPR 17V
  • Prada VPR 17Z glasses
    VPR 17Z
  • Prada VPR 18O glasses
    VPR 18O
  • Prada VPR 18W glasses
    VPR 18W
  • Prada VPR 19W glasses
    VPR 19W
  • Prada VPR 52V glasses
    VPR 52V
  • Prada VPR 53V glasses
    VPR 53V
  • Prada VPR 54T glasses
    VPR 54T
  • Prada VPR 61X glasses
    VPR 61X
  • Prada VPR 62X glasses
    VPR 62X
  • Prada VPR 65R glasses
    VPR 65R
  • Prada VPS 50F glasses
    VPS 50F

brand information

Founded in Milan in 1913 by Mario Prada, the business began life as a manufacturer of leather bags. What is known today as 'Prada' is mostly the work of Mario's grand-daughter, Miuccia. Together with her husband Patrizio Bertelli's business acumen, Miuccia has used her intuitive understanding of understated, luxurious clothing to build one of the strongest contemporary high fashion brands in the world.

In keeping pace with fashion and market trends, the ever-expanding Prada glasses collection features both plastic and metal models, most of which are unisex. Comfortable, pure, graceful, and minimalistic, Prada frame design mirrors the understated cool of Miuccia's clothing lines; high quality and purity of line and form take centre stage.

Iris Optical began offering Prada frames in April 2005.

For customers in the UK, these frames are stocked in our London SE1 (Tower Bridge) store. For customers outside of London England, these glasses can also be ordered by phone as well as online, and we can also reglaze your own Prada frames.